ONE+ Cool baby carrier

The most popular model of baby carriers suitable for newborns Love & Carry® ONE + with a vented mesh back. To open the mesh, just unzip the sides of the back, roll down the fabric and secure it with the attached elastic band and hook.

ONE + Cool baby carriers are made of premium jacquard fabric. The cotton used in the carriers is grown organically without the use of any synthetic agricultural chemicals. After weaving, the fabric goes through a variety of finishing treatments, which make it durable and soft to the touch.

ONE+ Cool baby carrier

  • For babies 0-24 months, weighing 3,5 to 15 kg
  • Fully adjustable width and height of the back panel
  • Keeps an ergonomic shape of baby's hips, so-called M-position
  • Supports the natural curves of the baby's spine
  • Lower and upper buckle positions for perfect spine support at all ages
  • Wide supportive waist belt
  • "X"- and "H"-shoulder-straps options
  • Mesh panel for optimal breathability
  • Multiple positions: front (facing in), back and hip
  • Complies with the European safety norm CEN TR 16512
  • Аcknowledged as hip-healthy by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute (IHDI)
Shell 100% cotton, mesh 100% PE
Easy breastfeeding
Machine washable
Made in Ukraine
ONE + Cool are fully adapted for use with a baby weighing from 3.5 kg. Soft woven fabric and important details (such as two levels of attachment of the shoulder straps) completely remove the load from the spine and the hips.

The ONE + baby carrier grows with the child. By extending the back of the carrier and therefore adding height to it, you can use the baby carrier up to two years of your child‘s age (or up to 15 kgs). The child can be carried in the front position (with straps parallel or crosswise), on the hip and on the back.

Lower and upper levels of buckle attachment for babys 0-4 m amd 4 m+
Detachable sleeping and sun protective hood included
Vented mesh back for hot weather
Bag for storage included

1. H and X options padded shoulder straps

2. Removable adjustable chest strap

3. Detachable sleeping and sun-protective hood

4. Height adjusters

5. Hidden mesh on the back for hot weather

6. Upper buckles (4 m+)

7. Back panel with width adjustment

8. Lower buckles (0-4 m)

9. Waist belt сircumference range: 63 cm - 130 cm

Manufacturer's Warranty

In the rare case of manufacturing defects, we will either repair or replace any Love & Carry® baby carrier during a 6-month period after purchase according to our commercial guarantee. The legal guarantee in your country might be different. Proof of purchase is required. Shipping fees are paid by the customer, but these costs may be compensated by Love & Carry company.
What is covered under the warranty:
1) parts and materials including webbing, buckles, zippers and snaps;
2) defective workmanship.
What is not covered under the warranty:
1) normal wear;
2) damages which arise from negligence, misuse or use not in accordance with the product instructions;
3) fading color due to sun or washing;
4) products purchased from unauthorized retailers, or as second hand items.

The manufacturer's warranty is valid for 6 months after purchase. The guarantee document is the paid invoice. Please save it. The Seller is liable to the Buyer for defects that appear within 2 years after purchase.