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Why do our customers trust us?

Hello! My name is Alina Firsova. I am the creator and owner of There are several reasons why you can trust me.


I graduated as a midwife in 2013. I have extensive work experience with children and their mothers. I worked for several years as a midwife and nurse in the neonatal and infant department of Tallinn Children's Hospital.

Certified babywearing instructor

I'm not just an entrepreneur selling children's stuff. I have completed babywearing instructor courses and I always update my knowledge in this area. I have been consulting since 2019.


I am a mother and have personal experience of babywering.

Why do we like babywearing?

baby carriers

Calm child

The child has no reason to cry, the most important person is next to him and responds quickly to his needs.

meh days


Due to the babywering, a strong affection is created between a child and a parent.

mei tai

Time for yourself

If the child is in your arms but your hands are free, you can take care of yourself.

baby wrap


The baby carrier can be used to walk in places where the stroller cannot be accessed.


Clean home

If the child is in your arms but your hands are free, you can do the house cleaning.

maternity clothes

Hot coffee

The mother-babywearer can drink her coffee hot.